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Supercomputing System for Artifical Intelligence
Supercomputers are wonderful machines which allow scientist and engineers to perform high speed application processing and simulation in the fields of biology, astronomy, engineering and physics. It is considered as the third pillar of science.

UCERD Pvt Ltd is one of the largest high performance computing research center in Pakistan.
The mission of UCERD is to generate knowledge and technology to provide the infrastructure and supercomputing services to scientists and engineer.
The “Supercomputing System for Artifical Intellgence” proposed and designed by Principal Investigator Dr. Tassadaq Hussain, who is a full-time permanent faculty member in the Department of Electrical Engineering at Riphah International University, Islamabad and with the collaboration of UCERD (Pvt) Ltd.

The supercomputer is composed of multiple processors, memory and I/O system while an interconnect mechanism has significantly complex architecture than the ordinary computers.

The designed  “Supercomputing System for Artifical Intellgence” supports CUDA, MPI/LAM, OpenMP, OpenCL and OpenACC as the programming models and allows to solve larger algorithms & numerical techniques, big data & data mining, bioinformatics & genomics, business intelligence & analytics, climate, and weather & ocean related problems. The benchmarking results show that the system can achieve up to 3.20 terra FLOPS, which can be extended up till 10 Tera FLOPS.