DICE Mega Event Achivement
On-chip computing power of micro processor technology and processor memory speed gap affects the performance of a system. The emergence of multi-core chips adds however an extra dimension to this problem, concurrent and competing access to the specific resource. This problem can not be resolved in hardware alone; modification in programming applications is also required.
The PSRG works on following Multi Processors problems:

    Access a shared memory location concurrently without a major impact on performance.
    Prioritize and administer parallel and competing requests to different locations in the memory.
    Provide guarantee integrity and consistency over time of data logically belonging to different cores; in general.
    Exploit a specific resource (memory bandwidth and on-chip memory) that just got a lot scarcer.

The PSRG are currently working on:
   FPGA based Systems
   Vector Processor Architectures
   Memory System for High Performance Systems

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Team Leader :
          Dr. Tassadaq Hussain

Members : 

          Amna Haider
          Wasim Akram
Processor based System Research Group (PSRG)
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